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The YWCA facility and programs provide an environment free of discrimination, criticism, harassment or any other emotional or physical harm. Instead, we encourage respect and support for all people participating in our programs and living within our facility.

  • Survivor Support: Legal Advocacy, Women’s Circle, Therapy Groups
  • Youth Development: Girl’s Circle, Cougar Leaders, Summer Food Program, Run Jump Throw.

Programs that provide safe spaces

Legal Advocacy

A legal advocate works with and on behalf of those in our Survivor Services programs to advocate for their needs and inform them of their rights. Whether the survivor is a plaintiff or a defendant in a case, the legal advocate provides support and assistance and explains the legal process along the way.

For more information about Legal Advocacy, contact Jodi Brummette (jwallenhorts@ywcavanwertcounty.org or 419-238-6639 ext 112). 






Women’s Circle

Developed  by the One Circle Foundation, the Women’s Circle Support Group  encourages participants to share, explore, build skills, and encourage one another to live authentically.  This program is suitable for women from all walks of life who wish to live more mindfully including those attending college, involved in careers or recovery programs, women working in institutions or in military or volunteer service, faith- based settings, homemakers and caregivers. Women’s Circle is one of the programs utilized with Survivor Services residents.

For more information about Women’s Circle, contact Mission Impact Coordinator Kelly Houg (419-238-6639 ext 311 or khoug@ywcavanwertcounty.org)






Group Therapy

Residents and and those utilizing our outreach services have many opportunities and are encouraged to participate in beneficial group therapy sessions lead by various professionals and YWCA staff. The small group sessions are designed to provide residents insight into improving their life, as well as providing hands-on learning opportunities. A variety of topics are covered by trained housing staff, community organizations, and local mental health care  professionals. Topics and discussions may include anger management, life skills, conflict resolution, self-esteem and parenting skills.


 Girls Circle

One Circle Foundation also developed Girls’ Circle, a structured support group for girls ages 9-18 years which integrates relational theory, resiliency practices, and skills training. Girls Circle is the first  program in the country to demonstrate effectiveness in reducing delinquency in at-risk for girls.

For more information about Girl’s Circle, contact Betsy Hamman (bhamman@ywcavanwertcounty.org or 419-238-6639 ext 106). 






Cougar Leaders

In a partnership with Van Wert Middle School, the YWCA provides opportunities for students grades 6-8 to learn more about our mission and impact their school and community through various projects and grow their leadership potential. Students with leadership qualities are chosen by school staff to work with our Mission Impact Coordinator to take a deeper dive into all that the YWCA does in our community.

To learn more about the Cougar Leaders Program, contact Kelly Houg (khoug@ywcavanwertcounty.org or 419-238-6639 ext 311).



Summer Food Program

Since its inception in 1996, the YWCA Summer Food Program has served over 120,000 meals to youth in our community. Families are also provided a weekly bag of produce and a large portion of participants also receive a weekend meal bag.  Aside from the nutritional aspect, programming opportunities are available that offer participants memorable summer experiences  including field trips, guest speakers, and other enjoyable activities throughout the summer.

To learn more about the Summer Food Program, contact Betsy Hamman (bhamman@ywcavanwertcounty.org or 4192386639 ext 106)





RunJumpThrow (RJT )

In 2014, the USATF and the Hershey Company created RunJumpThrow, a hands-on learning program designed to get kids excited about physical activity by introducing them to basic running, jumping, and throwing skills through track and field. RJT is an evidenced-based program that addresses the trend of reduced physical activity among youth and can be instrumental in creating a safe, accessible environment that fosters physical literacy. The YWCA is able to offer the 6 week RunJumpThrow event every July and August at no cost for all youth throughout Van Wert County.

To learn more about RJT , contact Betsy Hamman (bhamman@ywcavanwertcounty.org or 4192386639 ext 106).